Zebra mussels found in Comfort Lake

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced July 27 that zebra mussels have been found in Comfort Lake near Wyoming. Bill Keilty, longtime Comfort Lake resident and a board member on the Comfort Lakes Association, confirmed that the aquatic invasive species found only affected Comfort Lake, not Little Comfort Lake.

Zebra mussels originated in eastern Europe and can create a nuisance by clinging to solid structures underwater, clogging pipes or impeding boat motors.

The lakes association first got word of a possible mussel infestation shortly after July 4, when a lakeshore owner took a picture of a small creature she thought might be a zebra mussel and sent it to Keilty.

“I looked at it and I said, ‘It (doesn’t) look like a zebra mussel,’ but then we shared it with the (Comfort Lake – Forest Lake Watershed District),” Keilty said. “They in turn shared it with (lake scientist) Steve McComas and the DNR, and they thought it was.”

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