Eden Prairie City Council expresses support for Paris Agreement

In keeping with the city’s ongoing pursuit of sustainability, the Eden Prairie City Council adopted a resolution July 11 in support of the goals of the Paris Agreement. The measure came on the heels of Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens joining the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda.

The crux of the resolution as written was a commitment to continue the city’s sustainability efforts. While the mayor and all four council members expressed enthusiastic support for continuing these initiatives, there was some disagreement on whether invoking the Paris Agreement was the appropriate way of reaffirming the city’s commitment to fighting climate change.

Councilmember Brad Aho pointed out that the Paris Agreement was an international affair, not a local one.

“One of the questions I have is, as a city, where do we have a role in adopting a resolution that speaks to an international agreement that’s made between countries?” he asked.

He read excerpts from the 32-page agreement that gave him pause, many of them centered on transfer of wealth from developed countries to developing countries to aid in sustainability efforts. He noted that by 2020, the United States, had it not pulled out of the agreement at the federal level, would have been responsible (albeit non-bindingly) for $100 billion in payments to developing countries each year.

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