Three Rivers Park District now using recycled trash bags

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In an effort to promote environmental stewardship and sustainable operations, the Three Rivers Park District is now using trash bags made with recycled agricultural plastic from Minnesota farms.

The park district collects more than 500 tons of trash a year, which results in the use of approximately 33,000 trash bags annually.
“Reusing agricultural plastic in the form of recycled trash bags is one way the Park District can reduce its carbon footprint and be more sustainable because we aren’t always buying bags from newly-produced plastic,” said Brian Brown, senior manager of parks and trails maintenance.

Minnesota has more than 460,000 dairy cows, and is the seventh largest dairy state in the U.S. Estimates show the amount of agricultural plastic attributed to each dairy cow is 15– 20 pounds per cow /per year. In addition, Minnesota is home to an estimated 2,420,000 beef cattle each generating around 8-10 pounds per year.

Virtually none of this plastic was recycled until now. Farmers had no options but to send it to a landfill, burn or bury the materials.

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