Running with the pack: A dog running club is coming to Robbinsdale

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Exercise can be hit or miss for a lot of people, but sometimes the prospect of being cooped up inside a gym using workout machines can be a demotivator. For Robbinsdale resident Jenna Norton, running on an indoor treadmill for a class she’d joined at a gym proved inspirational.
As a dog owner and animal lover, she decided to start an outdoor running group for people and their dogs called Fur Fitness. She joined a class-based gym to meet other fitness enthusiasts, where she realized she didn’t have to be chained to a treadmill to work out among people. She tuned in even further to the fact that her high-energy dog, Charlie, was a great running companion.
“The whole time I was running I was thinking about poor Charlie at home being bored and all his energy, and also about all the awesome seasons we have in Minnesota – and all the lakes – and thinking, ‘Why am I in here running on a machine? I should be outside with my dog.’”

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