Elk River’s for the birds

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Good news, chicken lovers.
The Elk River City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance on May 15 to allow more city residents to keep chickens on their property.
The change will not allow residents to keep free-range chickens — chickens that are not kept in cages or other kinds of enclosures — on their property. But those who live on lots as small as 2.5 acres will be allowed to have chickens without a permit.
The change brings Elk River in line with other neighboring communities. Otsego allows 10 chickens per acre and doesn’t require a minimum lot size. Ramsey allows six to 48 chickens on lots that are less than 3 acres and has a sliding scale for properties larger than that. Other communities, such as Big Lake and St. Michael, don’t allow chickens on smaller lot sizes.
Questions and concerns about the issue came to Elk River city officials so often they made two surveys of area residents and found that the public supports ordinance changes.

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