Heck of a deal – Maple Grove resident participates in game show favorite

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It started out as an ordinary vacation to Los Angeles.
“We were looking for fun things to do,” said Maple Grove resident Jodie Yowell Swee. “I came across game shows, and thought that sounded like fun.”
After perusing several websites, she and her husband John chose the show “Let’s Make A Deal,” because it was taping on a day that fit their plans. They emailed a request for tickets, and confirmed with the show a few days prior to taping.

Once they arrived in L.A., the first order of business was to come up with costumes. “You can’t have anything licensed,” Jodie explained. “We ended up buying a costume at Goodwill the night before. It was a leopard print blanket that I turned into a costume. No sewing was involved, just a pair of scissors.” Her husband wore a muscle top and fur vest, and wrapped a piece of the blanket around him like a sarong. Their cave people costumes were complete.

Game show day arrived. They waited several hours. Finally, they were led into a room with about a dozen other contestants. They stated their names and where they were from. The producers said they were looking for energetic people who were having fun. “I worked with high school kids for twenty years,” Jodie said. “I’ve got that locked down. I pretended it was night one at camp with my kids.”

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