Brownsville woman’s story of abuse told by twin sons; family who lived it

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She is sharing her message in the hope that someone going through a similar situation might seek help.

“Back then, there wasn’t the help available that there is today,” said Carol Dunt.

Now remarried, Dunt shares a story of a woman and her children who survived an abusive relationship.

Her sons, Robert and Richard Aberg have written a book titled “Through the Eyes of Denial.”

“I was a young girl of 17, who was taken advantage of by a 27 year old man and had to get married,” said Dunt. “I didn’t want to, but that’s pretty much what you had to do in the 1960s to give the child a name.”

Three years later she and her ex-husband had the twins (Richard and Robert).

For 21 years the four of them suffered at the hands of her ex.

“Many times I tried to leave him but it never worked out and I was afraid,” she said. “If you are not in this situation, you really don’t understand what it is like.”

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