Maple Grove approves $31,136 for buckthorn removal

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Buckthorn will be under attack in Maple Grove this year.
The Maple Grove City Council March 6 approved proposals to remove buckthorn in two areas of the city comprising 75 acres, for a total of $31,136.
Removal will occur in the city’s North Forest Preservation Area, south of Terraceview and west of Ranchview, at a cost of $16,520.
Removal in the South Forest Preservation Area, south of Bass Lake Road and west of Vicksburg, will amount to $14,616.
Ken Ashfeld, Maple Grove’s city engineer and director of Public Works, said recommendations for the buckthorn removal came from the Arbor Committee.
“In 1995, Maple Grove residents approved the referendum to authorize the city of Maple Grove to bond up to $5 million ‘for the preservation of forest and open space,’” Ashfeld said. Passage of the referendum enabled Maple Grove to acquire 250 acres of land to complete forests within two areas, he said.
“Land purchased after this referendum was passed has resulted in some of the most beautiful forests in the metro area,” Ashfeld said. “It’s been quite an asset to the city. Land adjacent to the Three Rivers Park District provides another 100 acres.”
However, he added that maintenance and control of invasive species is important in preserving the forest.

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