As health fails, ‘Journeyman’ still preaching God’s word

In and out of hospice twice in the last two years, Jeffrey Post describes himself as terminally ill.

“They tell me I could go anytime,” said Post, who suffers from an incurable colonic disorder called Ogilvie syndrome and other maladies.

A former Burnsville resident and longtime youth pastor and chaplain here, Post says God has a story to tell through him while he’s alive, awaiting death, at age 53.

“I always tell people it’s my spoiler alert,” said Post, who now lives in Mesa, Arizona. “But I don’t look at it as negative. We have to live life.”

Post has written a “spiritual autobiography” and is working to book a speaking tour in hotel meeting rooms, churches and anywhere else he is welcomed. He hopes to visit Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin from August to October.

“I want people to be encouraged,” said Post, who promises inspiration and humor along with his grim reality. “It’s a good journey.”

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