Giving parents the gift of time: Take 12 online registry provides alternative for expectant parents and gift-givers

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Expectant parents can register for gifts of time at (Screen capture)

Expectant parents can register for gifts of time at (Screen capture)

For mothers with newborns, time becomes a very precious commodity, whether it is time to bond, time to recuperate, or time to figure it all out.

With Take 12, an online maternity leave registry, the gift of time is what Margi Scott of Plymouth wants to give to moms – and dads – as the clock to get back to work after childbirth starts ticking.

As a full-time working mother, Scott realized the true need for such a registry after the birth of her twins last February.

Having two older children, the Scotts knew the importance of saving for the 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave granted by her employer.

Scott determined she and her husband, Chris, would need to save $8,000 in order to supplement the 12 weeks she would take off from work when her son was born. And that would be “to keep the lights on,” she said.

Five years later with her last pregnancy, Scott was much further along in her career and was also the bread winner of the family. Pregnant with twins, she also found out she would have even less time to save and needed more money saved, since she developed acute liver failure. The condition forced her to deliver five weeks early, and her husband had been laid off halfway through her pregnancy.

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