Bowlus man tries to move forward after a farm accident

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Within the space of a day, farm work can go from routine to a very dangerous situation.

Three years ago in October, Jeff Czech, who was 41 at the time, spent his morning taking the ATV he had been given in August 2013, to do farm chores with a friend.

Then, that afternoon, he received a call from the family farm during combining. The person doing the combining asked Czech if he could bring a pipe over to help straighten out a piece of farm equipment that had bent.

Czech took off down the roads to get to the farm with the pipe secured to his ATV, when all of a sudden he said the pipe fell off. What happened next, Czech said is only a theory because he can’t remember anything after.

He said the theory is he reached down to grab the pipe, which bounced off the road to hit him in the head, leading to the ATV rolling over and leaving Czech laying on a gravel road with a head injury and a broken collar bone.

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