Jackson Middle School 8th-grader wins national essay contest

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Malia Braiedy

Malia Braiedy

Jackson Middle School student Malia Braiedy sat down to write a paper for her English class like she had several times before.

This time, she was tasked with exploring a question posed by NASA Cassini scientists studying Saturn — her answer earned her a win in a national essay contest.

The questions was: Which of three possible images taken by Cassini would yield the best scientific results if explored further? NASA scientists are always looking for environments in space that can potentially support life. For the essay contest, students could research one of three topics — Saturn’s rings and it’s moons Enceladus, Tethys and Mimas; Jupiter’s orbit; or Saturn’s moons, Rheas and Tethys.
Braiedy advised the scientists to further explore Saturn’s rings and moons Enceladus, Tethys and Mimas.

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