St. Louis Park objects to airplane noise

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St. Louis Park City Council members want more residents to complain, at least when it comes to airplane noise.

St. Louis Park officials are seeking to build a case that federal noise measurements do not fully reflect the actual impact of airplanes flying overhead. The council members approved a resolution taking issue with the way the federal government measures noise impact but said residents also need to add their voices.

The Federal Aviation Administration has used a system that measures the average sound level spread out over a 24-hour period since the 1980s. The FAA generally prevents regional airport authorities from providing noise mitigation outside of areas that experience a day-night average sound level of 65 decibels.

However, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, which oversees Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, is one of the few authorities nationwide that has received approval to mitigate noise at a lower threshold of a 60-decibel day-night average sound level. Examples of mitigation include window insulation and air conditioning so that homeowners can keep windows shut in the summer.

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