Albrecht Sign Company begins seat removal at the Metrodome

NEWS RELEASE — Minneapolis, MN – The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority announced today (Monday, Dec. 30) that Albrecht Sign Company, Fridley, has begun the process of Metrodome seat removal.

The seats are available for purchase from Albrecht Sign.

Albrecht will be offering Metrodome seats at three different price points: 1) non- profit rate ($40 per seat); 2) general seats ($60 per seat plus tax); 3) special location seats – if available ($80 per seat plus tax).

To date, over 3,000 seats have been sold to individuals, and over 900 have been purchased by non-profit groups.

Individuals wanting to purchase less than 200 seats will need to have purchase agreements finalized by Jan. 7, 2014. Organizations wanting to purchase more than 200 seats will need to have purchase agreements finalized by Jan. 2, 2014. Single seats through whole rows can be purchased, and payments can be made by certified or cashier’s check, by credit card or with cash.

Seats will need to be picked up by the purchaser prior to Jan. 17 at the Metrodome during a scheduled date and time to be determined by Albrecht Signs.

To receive more information about the sale, or to receive a purchase agreement, contact Tony Manning at, or

  • Byron Laher

    I want to buy one seat.
    Your order form link does not open for me.
    Your phone message says to order from the Internet.

    What do I do now?
    My phone is 763- 450- 3662.


  • Carolyn Johnson

    I read about the purchase of Metrodome seats in the newspaper yesterday. However when I went on line I found out that I have missed the deadline for the purchase of an individual seat. I am wondering if the sale will be available if there are still seats available. I would like to purchase one if possible.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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