Blaine inventor brings easy-to-thread needle to the state fair

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Pam Turner of Blaine has always been an entrepreneur, so when she became fed up with trying to thread a needle to sew a button on a shirt, she invented a needle to make the job easier.

“When you’re threading my needle, instead of trying to get a limp piece of thread through a hole you can’t see anymore, you don’t even have to look at it,” Turner said.

The sewer instead runs a thread up the Spiral Eye Needle she invented. Once the thread catches near the head of the needle, you run the thread in a “z” motion to secure it.

Turner has peddled her Spiral Eye Needle product all over the country since inventing it in 2006, most recently in Michigan.

She will be appearing at the Minnesota State Fair for the first time this year, which began Aug. 22 and runs through Labor Day (Sept. 2). Her booth is on the upper floor of the south end of the Grandstand building. See more in Eric Hagen’s ABC Newspapers story.


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