Forest Lake graduates Christy Newell, Siri Simons gear up for 2,000-mile bike ride designed to impact farming

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Farmers from 10 states will behold an unusual sight in the coming months: a handful of recent college graduates, led by two young women, will roll in on bicycles for in-depth conversations about the farming industry.

Those summer plans of Christy Newell and Siri Simons may seem rather bizarre, and they are hard-pressed to explain them in a short manner. There’s talk about farming, a river, bicycles, camping. They mention blogs, videos, a curriculum, community events.

It’s worth hearing out, though, and the 2008 Forest Lake High School graduates will undoubtedly tell many more tales in July upon returning from their two-month adventure. See more in Forest Lake Times Editor Clint Riese’s story.


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