Coon Rapids Allina clinic offers kids a prescription to succeed in school

For a little kid, going to the doctor means sitting in a small room with a stranger pressing on your tummy, poking something in your ear, looking down your throat and then sticking a needle in your arm. Not a fun time. Shrieks and cries provide background noise during most well-baby exams.

But thanks to a national program called Reach Out and Read, in addition to the necessary pokes and prods, pediatricians across the country are distributing children’s books to their little patients, too. That sobbing background noise has shifted to squeals of laughter and happy giggles.

“They’re so happy to get a book. They might be crying from the shot, but then the doctor gives them a book and they get this big smile,” said Anna Liashkovich, CMA at Allina Medical Clinic–Coon Rapids where she works in pediatrics. See more in ABC Newspapers by Sue Austreng


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