Writers Block by Mandy Moran Froemming: Time to brush up on gratitude

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I’m embarrassed to admit my gratitude has been in short supply these days. As the days tick closer to Thanksgiving, the annual reminder to be grateful for all that we have, I’ve been made painfully aware of that.

The cantankerous mood that always seems to accompany an election season got its tentacles into me this year, and it’s taking some time to shake them off. We have been through months of he said, she said. Of hearing from readers angry over things we have published. Of navigating candidates pushing to have their agendas heard. Of pleas to help right the wrongs that take place on the campaign trail. Add in trying to find a rhythm with new job responsibilities, Halloween season and parenting a toddler who has had far more sick days than I ever anticipated and it’s not surprising that I’ve been on the defensive. It’s called self-preservation. And it’s not much fun.

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