Cindy Lovelette tells others how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression

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Cindy Lovelette began dealing with anxiety at the age of 12, and she couldn’t shake it until about five years ago.

That’s after she learned the root of all anxiety is how you think and what you tell yourself. Up to that point she either did her best to fight through her anxieties or she let them get the best of her.

“Your world becomes pretty small,” she said. “Nobody should have to live that way.”

Now Lovelette has learned tools to deal with anxiety and what she does to curb her thoughts when the world around her begins to close in.

Lovelette began to share her stories and tell of things that helped free her to fight through anxiety at a District 728 Community Education program Monday night. It was the first session of a two two-session program called Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression at the Handke Center. See more in Editor Jim Boyle’s Star News story.


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