Know the laws and ordinances that regulate u-turns

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Ask a Trooper — QUESTION: What is the law concerning drivers making U-turns?  I think this can be confusing for a lot of people. Thank you.

ANSWER: The law (M.S.S. 169.19 subdivision 2) just says that, “No vehicle shall be turned so as to proceed in the opposite direction upon any curve, or upon the approach to or near the crest of a grade, where such vehicle cannot be seen by the driver of any other vehicle approaching from either direction within 1,000 feet, nor shall the driver of a vehicle turn the vehicle so as to proceed in the opposite direction unless the movement can be made safely and without interfering with other traffic.” Of course, there may also be signs posted that prohibit them, as well as municipal ordinances.  So, pay special attention to any of the above locations and look for signs and know the local ordinances. Portions of statues were used with permission of the Office of the Revisor of Statutes. Thanks for asking.
Sgt. Curt S. Mowers
Regional Public Information Officer
Minnesota State Patrol


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