Check status of your tax refund through Minnesota Department of Revenue website

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St. Paul, MN – As taxpayers file their income tax returns, the Minnesota Department of Revenue is encouraging taxpayers to use its “Where’s My Refund” online system. “Where’s My Refund” is a quick, easy and secure way to find the projected refund date as tax returns move through processing.

“We recently made improvements to ‘Where’s My Refund’ to provide better customer service to taxpayers. Thanks to public feedback, the system is now more user-friendly making it easier to find the status of your refund,” said Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans.

Changes to the electronic system include:
• A more specific expected refund date
• Nightly updates to the system, allowing taxpayers to check refund status once a day
• A “Where’s My Refund” email address to contact the department with refund questions
• Masked social security numbers so others can’t see what is being typed
• New technology allowing both the website and automated phone line have the same up-to-date refund status information
• Notification of property tax refunds qualifying for early release

To check the status of a refund, visit our website,, and select “check your refund status” under the e-Services menu, or click here.

Refund information is only available for returns filed in the past 12 months. To search for the status of a refund, taxpayers will need:
• Their social security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN)
• The type of return filed. (For example: income tax, property tax)
• The tax year
• The dollar amount of the refund

Taxpayers have less than two months to file their individual income taxes. Follow the latest news and updates from the Minnesota Department of Revenue on Twitter.


13 Responses to Check status of your tax refund through Minnesota Department of Revenue website

  1. Robert J. Bernards says:

    where is my refund

  2. amber dornfeld says:

    I am trying to find the status of my property tax refund

  3. trina mason says:

    I have not received my state tax income tax I filed Jan 15th

    • Chrissy h says:

      I have not received my refund either I also filed the second week of January. When I check status it is still only in the second stage.

  4. Brian A. Maki says:

    I am wondering when I will receive my tax refund.

  5. Tameka says:

    I still have not received my state refund??? I filed about 1/29!! Its still in the checking for accuracy slot!? I don’t know anything? Can some wine please let me know what’s going on??

  6. Rudolph J Morgando says:

    was wondering when I will receive my return

  7. Richard Oksa says:

    I am checking on the status of our 2015 tax refund.

  8. Leon Schanlaub says:

    I sent my return in on Feb. 12, 2016 and am wondering if it is being processed yet. Thanks!

  9. Billie Deegan says:

    I filed my Taxes on 3-3-16 and haven’t gotten my state Refund!!!! I received my federal already!!! How long does it take to get my state back!!!

  10. Elizabeth A. Bruzek says:

    I have sent my taxes in on March 15, 2016, and have not received my refund, nor have I received any communication from you. I do monitor the “Where’s My Refund?” application on your website as you told me to do from the last email I sent you on May 23, and it just shows that you have received my return and that the numbers are being checked on.

  11. Elaine says:

    I filed my tax in March of 2016 and still waiting for my state tax refund. I have done the website “Where’s My Refund?” and there has been no response in any way.

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