Why is the Viking Stadium site in Arden Hills being pushed aside?

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Sound Off, Don Heinzman blog — Here’s my take.

The business and political power brokers don’t want it in suburban Arden Hills.

They want it in Minneapolis where it can generate the most money for them.

The Vikings had all of the answers the Legislature sought: an Arden Hills site, a plan, a host tax source and they were willing to chip in $400 million.

Ramsey county commissioners had the votes to pass a county sales tax as their end of the bargain without a referendum. (Hennepin County passed its sales tax without one). The result: Target Field that everyone loves.

What happened to this “done” Ramsey County deal?

It was too close to happening.  First residents rose up, some legislators in the area didn’t want it and there was a petition for a referendum.

So what?

There was opposition to the Hennepin County sales tax, but the Hennepin  County Board plunged ahead and approved it.  Not one county board member who voted for it was defeated in the following election.

Aha, but Target Field was to be located in Minneapolis.  What if the site had been in Eden Prairie?

My guess is the powers would have stopped it.

I argued this point with Majority Leader Matt Dean last Saturday and asked why Republicans now in the majority insist they can’t approve the Ramsey County plan without a referendum. Just too much opposition to it in the county, says Dean.

A referendum is the killer.  Had there been a referendum in Hennepin County, Target Field would not have been built.

Let’s face it.  Those who control the power and the money want that stadium in Minneapolis where they have investments.

And you know what?  That’s where it will be.


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